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All Parish Council meetings are held in the village hall at 6.30pm

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Mon 23rd May 2022

Mon 11th July 2022

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Headstones only, not more than 3’6” high and standing on a plinth not less than 36” x 18”.
Exclusive Right of Burial

Burial up to 12 years of age
Burial over 12 years of age
Cremated remains

Erect a memorial (grave)
Headstones only, not more than 3 feet high and 2 feet 6 inches wide, standing on a plinth not more than 36" wide x 12" deep.

Erect a memorial (ashes)

Additional inscription to memorial




£150.00 small
£175.00 small with plant
£200.00 double


The above charges apply when the person to be interred was a resident of the Parish of Nordelph. 

All fees to be doubled if non-resident.


Flat tablet, tablet to be of stone, not more than 18” x 14” (landscape) and not less than 2” thick, laid horizontally and slightly lower than the ground. One plaque per burial. 6” to be left between each plaque.

18” x 14” wide

Includes exclusive right of burial and memorial fee (flat tablet).

£200 large (with or without flower pot), £175 medium tablet , £150 small tablet

An 18” pathway to be left between each row of tablets.


Two clear days notice to be given to the Clerk for an interment in an earthen grave, Saturdays, Sundays & Bank Holidays being excluded in reckoning the length of notice. This rule does not apply to Jews or in the case of death from epidemic or endemic disease upon medical certification.

The certificate for the disposal of a body or, in the case of an inquest, the Coroner’s Order for Burial, must be produced before interment. For the burial of a still born child, an appropriate certificate issued by the Registrar of Births & Deaths or by the Coroner will be required.

All graves are to be excavated by persons appointed by the appropriate undertakers or authorised by them.

All fees and charges must be paid to the Clerk within three days after interment.


In the interest of easy maintenance, the only permissible memorials are to take the form of headstones only and to be on a plinth not less than 36 x 18 inches. Headstones to be no more than 36 inches high and the remainder of the grave to be grassed over. No vases to be placed on graves except where incorporated into the headstone.

No memorial to be erected until after six months of the burial.

No headstone of any sort may be erected on any grave or in any part of the cemetery without the consent of the Council.


Flat tablet to be of stone and no larger than 18 inches x 18 inches x 2 inches and to be laid flush to the ground.

The site reserved for the cremated remains will be determined by the Council.

No shrubs may be planted within the cemetery or on any grave. The holder of the exclusive right is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the memorial.

Motor vehicles are prohibited from entering the cemetery other than for the purpose of funerals and in connection with the erection and maintenance of monuments and attendance to graves otherwise than with the permission of the Council. This rule does not apply to any approved means of invalid conveyance.

The riding of cycles and motor cycles through and within the cemetery is strictly prohibited.

No dogs permitted in the cemetery excepting guide dogs.

The Council reserve the right from time to time to make alterations or additions to the foregoing rules consistent with the Burials Act. The regulations of Her Majesty’s Secretary of State under the Burial Acts and applicable to the cemetery must be considered as Incorporated herein.

* Fees can be waived at the discretion of the Parish Council.

* Cemetery fees to be reviewed every 5 years.