Nordelph Parish Council

Love The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

A campaign was launched two weeks ago to encourage people to sign a petition to trigger a debate in Parliament about funding for a new Queen Elizabeth Hospital for King's Lynn and West Norfolk.

Please sign it and share it. If every homeowner in west Norfolk signed it, it still would not be enough to reach the target of 100,000 people. We need every person in every household to sign and share. We also need our neighbouring districts, whose residents are also likely to need the QEH at some point, to sign it to.

We may all need help from our hospital at some point in our life but now our hospital needs us. 200 props are currently holding up parts of the hospital, to maintain safety. This is an unacceptable situation. Funding is urgently needed for a new fit-for-purpose hospital. We need 100,000 signatures to trigger a debate in Parliament. Please support this vital campaign by taking a few seconds to sign the petition.

Sign here: